UPDATE (June 14, 2022):

The range upgrades are moving along quickly and the hope is to have them open by the end of July, if not sooner.

  • Many thanks to Clay Toschner Logging for the spectacular job he did in constructing the upgraded shooting ranges. The berms are now 27 feet tall and the shooting houses were moved into a straight line.
  • Members of the board did additional grading and planted ‘quick grow’ seed in order to reduce erosion. 
  • Stall mats were purchased to help with erosion and catching bullets.
  • There is still work to be done such as installing permanent gates at the entrance to the property as well as the entrance to the shooting ranges, grating and seeding of the berms and installing target stands.
  • Thank you to Jerome & Karen Christian for donating a mini-house for the Range Safety Officers as well as Mark & Amy Handlin for donating a portion of the costs associated with the seed/straw mats which will help reduce erosion.

UPDATE (May 19, 2022):

The Committee discussed closing the 200-yard range at this time because we would have to extend it out to get all the shooting houses in line and it is not feasible because of wet area. The Committee approved having a 25,50, and the rest all 100-yard ranges and to also have all the shooting houses in line so its safer for the range safety officers who would then have better control and be able to see all the shooters. We would also eliminate the present location of the 50-yard range and relocate it to the east side. The Board discussed and approved the plan and also discussed adding back the 200-yard range on the west side in the future and apply for grants to do it. 

A contractor has been secured to do the work on the ranges. He will begin as soon as it dries out enough to get the equipment into the area safely.

Security Cameras were installed and are now operational.

UPDATE (March 7, 2022):

As indicated in December, the shooting ranges are temporarily closed. Discussions for the Spring improvements are well underway and the committee has solid plans for raising the berms, installing security cameras, creating “no blue sky” and the training of Range Safety Officers (RSO). The improvements on the ranges will not be started until the snow melts however, the security cameras are being ordered and will be installed shortly and the RSO training is being held on Saturday, March 12 from 8:00-5:00 at the clubhouse. We need more RSO’s as this will determine how often and long the ranges are open once the improvements are complete. The range improvements will be done in phases so as one range is complete it will be opened and will then be monitored by a Range Safety Officer. As indicated in the January and February General Meetings, the ranges will only be open and available when there is an RSO on site. The more RSO’s … the more open days/times. Please consider becoming a Range Safety Officer. If you are interested please contact Mike Honerlaw (262-617-4831/mhonerlaw0706@gmail.com). Additional RSO training can be done if needed. If you’d like to be part of the Range Improvement Committee, contact Chet Rhinehart (715-581-2305/crhineh@msn.com). We need bodies and equipment and minds. This is YOUR club…let’s do it together!


Effective Friday, December 17, 2021, the Lincoln County Sports Club will be closing all gun ranges indefinitely. We have been made aware that a bullet has left the premises and was found by one of our local neighbors. This is not a situation the Club takes lightly and therefore, we are taking extreme action. We know that this will be an inconvenience for our members, but our number one concern is safety. 

In Spring, 2022, there are several improvements that are planned to enhance the gun ranges for safety as well as ease of use for our members. Until those modifications can be accomplished, the ranges will be closed.

The next General Membership Meeting is scheduled for January 27 at 7:00pm. We will be discussing this situation as well as the Spring projects. We welcome any and all members to join us for the discussion. We value your input and hope that some of you may want to join us in Spring to help with the modifications to our ranges.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of our Officers or Board Members (names/contact info can be found on the General Information tab of this website).

For anyone interested in the Concealed Carry courses (details on the post below), these will continue as they are monitored by a Licensed Range Safety Officer.

Concealed Carry Classes


ROBLE DEFENSE LLC will be conducting Concealed Carry classes at the Lincoln County Sports Club beginning in March. The classes will either be co-ed or women only. They are currently only offering Wisconsin curriculum. If you are interested in applying for the Minnesota permit to carry please contact Roble Defense LLC.

July 179am – 3pmWI Concealed Carry
September 179am – 3pmWI Concealed Carry
November 69am – 3pmWI Concealed Carry

To register please contact:

Meghan or Kyle Roble

715-252-8573 | 715-212-2738