The CLUBHOUSE was built in 1960 consisting of a kitchen and meeting hall. In 2000, the addition of a second meeting room with a fireplace was made possible by Incredible Bank.

RANGES consist of six 100-yard rifle ranges and a 50/25 pistol range. The ranges are open on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 9am-5pm and Fridays & Sundays from noon – 5pm. The 200-yard range will be added in 2023.

A Range Safety Officer (RSO) will be present whenever the ranges are open. The RSO’s are there to assure safe firearm use and not to “watch over your shoulder.” The LCSC understands that the majority of our members and guests are safe gun owners/users. The LCSC wants to assure that when there are multiple shooters that cease fires are called to assure the safety of all using the ranges.

A 6-station ARCHERY practice range was established in 1980 as a gift from the Lincoln Bow Hunters. Eye-bolts have been affixed to the targets to allow for crossbow shooting (please bring your own crossbow targets)


Meetings & Youth Programs

Monthly General Meetings

General meetings are held monthly at 7:00pm at the Club. The meetings are the 4th Thursday of the month during the months of January – April and September – October. Each meeting features a guest speaker, a light lunch/dinner and door prizes. The January meeting is the time for annual elections of officers and board members. In November, when we draw for the 10-gun raffle, the general meeting is held on the 2nd Thursday.

Youth and Safety Programs

We encourage and support a variety of opportunities to develop young and new outdoor enthusiasts. Annually, we train and graduate over 100 Hunter Safety candidates. Trapper Education is held every spring, and our Youth & Women’s Trap Shoot is a highlight of the summer months. We also support Learn To Hunt programs, Ducks Unlimited, the Wisconsin DNR, the NRA, Sportsmen’s Alliance, Lake Alice Association and more. We offer two scholarships each year to graduates of Merrill and Tomahawk, to students pursuing a conservation related career.